User manual

Thank you for purchasing the Idem Smart Clock!

This user manual will help you make the best out of your clock.

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Table of contents

Step 1. Install the app and create your account

1.1 Install the app on your phone or tablet

1.2 Create your account

1.3 Take a look at the app settings

1.4 Re-entering your account

Step 2. Connect the clock to your account

2.1 How to turn on, turn off, and restart the clock

2.2 Pair your account with the clock

2.3 Activate your Idem subscription

2.4 Explore the clock settings

2.5 Internet connection

Step 3. How to communicate with your loved one

3.1 Use all 4 ways to communicate

3.2 Follow the status of your communications

3.3 Set up notifications on your mobile device

3.4 Examples of communications

Step 4. You're ready!

4.1 Presenting the clock to your loved one: our tips

4.2 Invite users