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What happens if my clock is offline?

Your clock will continue to display all communications scheduled for the next 10 days. However, you won't be able follow the status of your communications in the mobile app.

Restarting the clock can sometimes restore the connection.

How do I reset my clock to it's original settings?

You may want to reset your clock to erase the history of communications and have a fresh start.

To reset your clock, you need to go in your app, under the name of your clock. Tap on Configuration, then on About. Select the Reset Clock option.

Mobile app

How do I configure the default sound of reminders and messages? In your mobile app, choose Settings, then Parameters. In the Audio section, select the sound you want to save as a default for reminders and messages. You will always have the option to select a different sound as you schedule each communication.

How can I schedule a reminder or message for different moments on weekdays and weekends? We suggest that you schedule two different communications. In the first, select the frequency Multiple times a day or week, then select the days from Monday to Friday and the desired time. Save the communication, then create a second communication for Saturday and Sunday.

How can I transfer my main user role to someone else? Once in your mobile app, under the Users tab of your clock, the main user can tap Transfer ownership and select the user to transfer their role to.

What happens if I schedule multiple messages or reminders at the same time?

The clock can only display one reminder or message at a time, as they take up the full clock display. If you program several at the same time, only one will be displayed and the next ones will appear in order, as the duration of the previous messages or reminders elapses.

What happens if I program several notes or events at the same time?

A maximum of two events can be displayed on the clock at a time. The events will appear in the order of their display start time; when the first event ends, it will disappear and give way to the following ones. Only one note can be displayed at a time. The note programmed first will be displayed first. The second will appear once the first note ends.

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