A calendar clock for seniors

The Idem smart clock is designed to ease communications with your loved one and support their everyday activities.

Idem Clock Home Setting
Idem Clock Dimensions
Idem Clock Box


Empowers and reassures caregivers

Support your loved one with customizable communications features that promote their autonomy and well being. Check in on your loved one's interaction with the clock from your smartphone.


Designed for seniors

Mindful and smart assistive technology for seniors. Clear display with no unnecessary buttons or features.


Keeping it simple

Easy-to-read, use and set up. Everything you need is included: The clock, the mobile app and Customer Care Assistance!

How does the Idem clock work?

Idem Clock Message

Send messages

Communicate with your loved ones by sending them messages to answer recurring questions, or simply share loving words.

Idem Clock Event

Show upcoming events

Reduce confusion and anxiety by displaying upcoming events such as doctors’ appointments and recurring activities.

Idem Clock Note

Display notes

Reassure and guide your loved one with timely displayed information on a sticky note.

idem Clock Reminder

Schedule reminders

Send a reminder in real time to help seniors remember to take medication or other important daily tasks.

Key features

Push notification

Receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet

Follow the status of your communications and of the clock. An overview of your loved one's interaction with the clock day in day out. Option to enable real time reading confirmations.

Idem Clock Message

Talking clock features

Tap the clock’s screen to hear the time, date and upcoming events spoken at loud (optional). Option for voice announcement (or chimes) at each hour on the hour. Option to enable read out loud feature for messages and reminders.

The Idem Clock Customization

Everything is customizable

Choose how to display information on the clock. Select the appropriate sound or ringtone and volume level for each communication.

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How to connect the Idem Clock to the Internet?

Two options are available:


Connect your Idem Clock to a Wi-Fi network

A stable network connection is needed*.


Connect your Idem clock to the mobile connection offered by Idem.

Subscription options are available if your loved one does not have Wi-Fi access.

Monthly subscription

$9 CAD / month

Subscription billed monthly.

Annual subscription

Best value

$99 CAD / month

Billed yearly: $99 for 12 months.

Features and specs

What’s included



Is it battery operated or does the clock require to be plugged in an outlet?

What is the companion App?

What languages are supported by the app and the clock?

How many people can have access to the app and manage / send messages to the calendar clock?


Contact our team, we are here to help you.

Need help?

Go to our support page to help you use the app and clock optimally.